Get married
without birth certificate
without single certificate

Advising: +49 176 10 222 955



Get married without stay in Denmark

Advising: +49 176 10 222 955




Package Standard: 289,- € (*)

  • advice by phone to plan your marriage in Denmark
  • check and review of your documents
  • submission of your documents with the register office in Denmark
  • arrange, book and confirmation the date for your wedding
  • compile a manual with all necessary information and directions to the register office of your choice



Package Luxury: 1399,- € (*)

  • advice by phone to plan your marriage in Denmark
  • check and review of your documents
  • submission of your documents with the register office in Denmark
  • arrange the date for your wedding
  • compile a manual and directions to the register office of your choice
  • one bed and breakfast
  • transfer from Hamburg (tran station/airport/hotel)
  • companionship by one of our employees during the ceremony
  • a trip by car to sights of town


(*) Any register office in Denmark charges 70,- € for an appointment. Our price doesn't include the fee of the registry office.

All prices are for appointments after 2 weeks (after you send us all requirement documents and paid the fees). We charge additional fee if your urgent appointments:
while 2 weeks - 80 €
while 1 week - 160 €.



Following documents are needed for both bride and groom:

  • passport including a valid visa or residence permit
  • birth certificate (if you have)
  • marital status certificate (if you have)
  • if you have been married before: divorce decree / death certificate

All documents must be on hand or translated in either German or English

Marriage in Denmark


Why Denmark?

Especially for non-citizens of the EU staying in the EU it is often complicated to collect all the documents needed for a marriage in the home country. It then takes time for the documents to be examined, so that some might already lose their validity. This could lead to additional costs.

To get married in Denmark, therefore, is an easy and uncomplicated alternative. It offers a less bureaucratic opportunity for a marriage. This is why marriage in Denmark is so popular, especially among couples of different nationalities.

A marriage contracted in Denmark is legally recognized all over Europe.

TIP: Some costs can be set off against tax.

What am I to do?

  • You need to send us the copies of all requested documents. We will check them for completeness and send you an answer. At the same time you will get the form of the notice of marriage as well as our order form.
  • Now you only need to complete and sign the forms and send back a scanned copy.

All copies are sent by e-mail or fax.


Needed urgently?

+49 176 10 222 955


What next?

After all your documents have reached us by e-mail or fax, we will get in touch and discuss the details. In this conversation we will inform and advice you about the different requirements in Denmark’s various municipalities. After that you decide where and when you would like to get married. We will then prepare the documents and submit them with the register office of your choice. As soon as the date is confirmed, we will contact you at once.

Furthermore, we will provide a manual and give directions to your chosen register office. It’s understood, we will stay on hand with help and advice for you until your marriage is consummated.


How long does it take to confirm the appointment?

Our work starts immediately after receiving your complete documents and takes just a couple of hours. Usually, the register office’s answer will take only one day. There are, however, offices that will need up to 3 weeks to process. It is your choice of office. We will gladly advice you in this matter.

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